List of Foods & Beverages

List of Beverages

 01 Coca-Cola

 A de-cocainized extract of coca leaf is one of the flavoring ingredients in Coca-Cola.

 02 Coca teaCoca tea, also known as mate de coca, is a type of herbal tea that is made using the dry, raw leaves of the coca plant soaked in hot water so that the phytonutrients are extracted from the leaf.

 03 Agwa de Bolivia A herbal liqueur made with Bolivian de-cocainized coca leaves and 37 other natural herbs and botanicals.

 04 Red Bull Cola A liqueur made with de-cocainized coca leaves and other natural herbs and botanicals.

 05Coca Colla  Aenergy drink produced in Bolivia with the use of coca extract as its base.
 06 Triple 3x Coca Tea  An iced tisane made from natural coca leaves, raw cane sugar, honey and lemon juice.
 07 Piscoca Liquid Extract from coca leaves in PISCO (distilled fresh grapes juice from Inca Valley in Peru).

 08 Coca Liquor Typical liquor of coca leaves can be found with alcohol grade 20%.

List of foods & other products

 01 Coca biscuit Courtesy CocaShop Cookies are made with coca powder, flour, soya, yogurt and sugar. 

 02 Cocamelos Candies are made from coca leaves.

 03 Energetic BarEnergetic bars are made with Coca Powder, Maca, Linseed, Kiwicha (amaranto), Sesame, Raisins , Oats, Chestnuts, Dried grapes, Honey Bee, Honey Fruit.

 04 Llipta / llicta / llupta A Supplement for use of coca leaves. Mass formed by a mixture of lime and/or vegetable ash normally of kiwicha or quinua cereals.

 05 Noodles 
 06 Coca soap Soaps are made with olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, distilled water and coca leaf.

Fig. Commercial Coca soaps (right) and a homemade one (left)


Coca Cream

 Cream of coca leaves.